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or the Republic of is a country located in northeastern Africa, bordered to the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea, to the west by Algeria, and to the south by Libya. Its capital is the city of Tunis and its currency is the Tunisian dinar. 30% of Tunisia’s area is desert, and the rest is fertile plains and mountain ranges.

Tunisia is often thought of as just a beach destination, but it has a host of surprising attractions to do for the traveler off the sandy beaches. This is North Africa that fits into one bite-sized package, with massive desert dunes, gigantic ancient ruins, and quaint cities that are home to a series of sprawling markets.

The Tunisian capital is one of the most unpretentious cities in North Africa, yet still full of a western touch. It is this recall style that makes Tunisia an ideal introduction to the region. Most of the city’s major landmarks are located in the Old Town, which is a tourist attraction in itself. Here, the forked alleys amid the tall walls are where you are bound to get lost.

Outside this enchanting maze, there are still plenty of things to do. The European style of the New Town is where French café culture permeates, and luxurious Belle Epoque architecture lines the streets here. Outside the center, we find the two most important landmarks of the city: the magnificent mosaic collection of the world-famous Bardo Museum and the glorious remains of Carthage, which should be on every tourist’s travel schedule.

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